A List of Cages

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A List of CagesA List of Cages

by Robin Roe (Goodreads Author)

At the point when Adam Blake handles the best elective ever in his senior year, filling in as an associate to the school clinician, he supposes he has it made. Of course, it implies a ton of lounging around, which isn’t simple for a person with ADHD, however he can’t grumble, since he gets the chance to spend the period messaging every one of his companions. At that point the specialist requests that he find the beset green bean who continues evading her, and Adam finds that the kid is Julian—the encourage sibling he hasn’t found in five years.

Adam is elate to be brought together. At in the first place, Julian appears like the kid he once knew. He’s still sympathetic. Regardless he composes stories and loves picture books implied for little children. Yet, as they get to know one another, Adam understands that Julian is keeping privileged insights, similar to where he covers up amid the center of the day, and what’s truly going ahead inside his home.

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