Always a Winner

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Always a WinnerAlways a Winner

Finding Your Competitive Advantage in an Up and Down Economy

by Peter Navarro

“Similarly that Good to Great revealed heretofore concealed mysteries of profoundly effective organizations, Navarro’s Always a Winner utilizes broad research to uncover the superseding significance of figuring out how to estimate and deliberately deal with the business cycle for upper hand. In doing as such, this book provocatively investigates a basic part of effective administration for all intents and purposes undiscovered by the current technique writing.” — Dan DiMicco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nucor Steel

” Always a Winner is a critical and convenient manual for flourishing in testing monetary circumstances. Prof. Navarro deftly connects the scholastic and business groups, demonstrating to corporate pioneers generally accepted methods to peruse monetary tea-leaves to envision business cycles. His “Lord Cyclist” philosophy offers numerous reasonable tips and true contextual analyses for guiding organizations through turbulent financial oceans.” — Mark Greene, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, FICO (Fair Isaac Corp.)

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“Navarro’s Always a Winner shows why determining the economy with a ruler can be deadly for corporate officials and cash supervisors. He exhibits how to skillfully envision the high points and low points of the economy and effectively explore through them. The current monetary emergency unmistakably shows why this book is so essential to have on your bookshelf.” — Mark Zandi, Chief Economist and Cofounder of Moody’s

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