Business-to-Business Marketing

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Business-to-Business MarketingBusiness-to-Business Marketing

by Ross Brennan; Louise E Canning; Raymond McDowell

This far reaching yet brief content spreads both the hypothesis and routine of business-to-business (B2B) showcasing from an European point of view in a globalized world.

New to this version:

More scope of advanced promoting and web-based social networking in connection to B2B

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More scope of issues identifying with maintainability and corporate social duty

More visual elements and a redesign of the ‘B2B Snapshots’

New worldwide illustrations and contextual investigations including Zara, eBay, DHL, LinkedIn, and the horsemeat outrage

This new version likewise incorporates more broad online assets incorporating full teacher materials with new exam addresses and further materials for understudies including video joins, additionally contextual investigations, a test and open get to connections to significant SAGE diary articles per section.

The content is pertinent to all understudies taking a college module in B2B promoting at undergrad or postgraduate levels. It will likewise be significant to analysts and professionals in the zone of B2B promoting.

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