Case Studies in Cultural Entrepreneurship

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Case Studies in Cultural EntrepreneurshipCase Studies in Cultural Entrepreneurship

How to Create Relevant and Sustainable Institutions

by Gretchen Sullivan Sorin(ed.) ; Lynne A. Sessions(ed.)

This book of five contextual investigations exhibits the basic part business visionaries and entrepreneurial intuition play in reevaluating social associations to make them significant and reasonable for the twenty-first century and past. Through the twin focal points of social business enterprise and authoritative change, these discernable and helpful cases offer a top to bottom investigation of how an assortment of social associations—little and huge; nearby, provincial and national; historical centers and expressions associations—have discovered open doors in complex circumstances to make new characters and missions and, in doing as such, have renewed their associations and much of the time, encompassing groups.

Cases include:

The Strong: how an exhibition hall in Rochester, New York, produced a completely new national way of life as The National Museum of Play.

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National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium: how the Mississippi River Museum created and sustained a system of organizations to make another local character and, in doing as such, rejuvenated the waterfront territory of Dubuque, Iowa.

Montreal Center for History: utilizing oral history and group coordinated efforts to significantly construct its gatherings of people all through the city.

Delegate: how an expressions association rejuvenated downtown Schenectady, New York

Weeksville: how a foundation in one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City found a specialty that gave imperative administrations to its voting public.

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