Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids

Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids: A Valentine’s Day Book for Children by Chrissy Voeg (Author) Observe Valentine’s Day with these perfect, family-accommodating jokes! Your children will have amusing jokes to impart to their companions and you’ll have a lot of jokes prepared for the supper table. Finish with jokes, quips, conundrums, craftsman outlines that truly breath life into the jokes, and 5 reward action pages, this book is a good time for the entire family!

Queen Bee

Queen Bee – September 1, 2005 by Chynna Clugston-Major (Author) From the gifted maker of top of the line funnies Blue Monday and Scooter Girl, comes a clever, super-control realistic novel about the center school social hive, where just a single young lady can be the QUEEN BEE! Haley is keen, entertaining, pleasant, and resolved to be super-prominent in her new center school. . . on the off chance that she can control that risky minimal mystery force of hers. Enter another new seventh grader, Alexa. She’s savvy alecky, unquestionably not pleasant, and she has the power, as well. Much the same as Haley, Alexa is psychokinetic. She can move things with her brain and does, never missing an opportunity to humiliate somebody in the classroom, cafeteria, or rec center – particularly Haley. At the point when the two young ladies meet, there’s actually a tornado.