Clitoral Truth by Rebecca Chalker

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Clitoral Truth by Rebecca ChalkerThe Clitoral Truth

The Secret World at Your Fingertips

by Rebecca Chalker; Fish(ill.)

The clitoris has been rejected, underestimated, unexplored, and misjudged for many years, yet the fact of the matter is out there, and globally praised sex teacher Rebecca Chalker has discovered it. In The Clitoral Truth, Chalker offers the main standard, inside and out investigation committed exclusively to ladies’ genital life systems and sexual reaction. Ladies perusers wherever – be they straight, gay, or cross-sexual – will find out about the endless sexual sensations and find how to upgrade their sexual reactions in a more solid manner than any other time in recent memory. Upgraded with individual records, far reaching delineations, and an exhaustive informative supplement of female sexuality assets, this book helps ladies and their accomplices comprehend and grow their sexual potential and work toward getting to be distinctly free sexual creatures.

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