Darling, You Can’t Do Both

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Darling, You Can't Do BothDarling, You Can’t Do Both

by Janet Kestin; Nancy Vonk

From the honor winning publicizing group, an inventive, new and fiercely legitimate manual for going up against the working scene all alone terms

Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk have fabricated their vocations on capricious imaginative considering. As two of the pioneers behind Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, they broadly championed stripping endlessly photoshopping, lighting and cosmetics to offer genuine excellence. Following quite a while of reevaluating brands, they concluded that they needed to concentrate on reexamining the way we work—or, by and large and spots, the way our work doesn’t work for us—particularly for ladies. They’ve handled the issue in their trademark style: by flipping around desires and shaking them. Soundly.

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Dear, You Can’t Do Both is a savvy, relatable guide for the majority of the ladies who grasped the soul of Lean In however were left pondering where to begin—how might they be able to, in all businesses and at all levels, truly start to change their substances and possibly their organizations, from the beginning? Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk’s answer is that ladies need to begin breaking the to a great extent implicit tenets of business they’ve generally implicitly acknowledged. Sweetheart will start another string of discussion about ladies in the working environment—one that is about new systems for each lady with aspiration who is moving (and looking) forward—with parenthood not a detour but rather an unreasonable favorable position.

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