Why We Disagree about Climate Change

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Why We Disagree about Climate ChangeWhy We Disagree about Climate Change

Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity

by Mike Hulme

Environmental change is not ‘an issue’ sitting tight for ‘an answer’. It is an ecological, social and political marvel which is re-forming the way we consider ourselves, our social orders and humankind’s place on Earth. Drawing upon a quarter century of expert work as a worldwide environmental change researcher and open observer, Mike Hulme gives a novel insider’s record of the development of this marvel and the assorted courses in which it is caught on. He utilizes diverse angles from science, financial matters, confidence, brain research, correspondence, humanism, governmental issues and advancement to clarify why we differ about environmental change. Along these lines he demonstrates that environmental change, a long way from being just an “issue” or a ‘risk’, can go about as an impetus to overhaul our impression of our place on the planet. Why We Disagree About Climate Change is a critical commitment to the continuous verbal confrontation over environmental change and its conceivable effect on our lives.

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