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My Days and Nights at an Internet Goliath

by J. David Kuo

J. David Kuo had a ringside situate at one of the greatest busts of the Internet age. Esteem America (NASDAQ: VUSA) should upset retailing by utilizing the Internet – no more retailers or wholesalers required. Fred Smith, unbelievable originator of Federal Express, called it the best plan of action he’d ever observed and contributed a huge number of dollars. In a couple short years, the organization raised and burned through a huge number of dollars before a marvelous crash.

As Senior Vice President of Communications, Kuo saw the stunning craziness of everything: the maneuvers, fancies, great endeavors, and wild erroneous conclusions that prompted to the organization’s destruction. Composing with an enthusiasm and energy from time to time found in business accounts, Kuo brings us stories of pathetic overabundance, enlivened persuasiveness, online dreams, and unmitigated moneygrabbing. This is a life-changing story of Internet craziness that everybody who ever put resources into a tech stock will color to peruse.

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