Extreme Money

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Extreme MoneyExtreme Money

The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk

by Satyajit Ray

Mankind made cash and back. Be that as it may, our developments re-make us. Humankind mixed up cash—an ointment of society and human prosperity—for an end in itself. Fund; the money related shadow of genuine articles; came to command human reality. Extraordinary Money recounts the narrative of how this happened—and; in this manner; it recounts the account of the cutting edge world. Top of the line creator Satyajit Das draws on 33 years of individual involvement with the heart of present day worldwide fund to portray this story. Das uncovers the staggering; perilous cash diversions that have produced progressively enormous rises of fake development; Ponzi success; complexity; and riches—while imperiling the employments; belonging; and fates of for all intents and purposes everybody outside the monetary business. You’ll figure out how everything from home loans to environmental change has gotten to be financialized; as unfathomable fortunes are produced by people who construct nothing of enduring worth. Das demonstrates how “extraordinary cash” has turned out to be much more unbelievable; how “voodoo saving money” keeps on creating monstrous imposter benefits even now; and how another era of “Bosses of the Universe” has come to command the world.

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