Fairy Tale: An Appeal for Sexual Purity

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Fairy Tale: An Appeal for Sexual PurityBeyond the Fairy Tale: An Appeal for Sexual Purity

Guardians, there’s no point quieting the theme of sex. Our pre-high schoolers will see and hear befuddling and erroneous messages about their sexuality, through the media and among their companions. Surrounding them, easygoing \”hook-ups\” are the new the social standard. Be that as it may, we can win the hearts of our young ladies with a message of virtue, by bringing the subject out into the light and offering the direct answers they have to settle on educated options. Dr. Missy Kifetew recalls her own particular dissatisfaction in not having the capacity to discover the appropriate responses about sex she looked for as a young lady. So here she composes with a tone of affection, comprehension, and genuineness, as though penning a letter to her own particular girl. Indeed, she is. Her craving to prepare her own particular little girl to seek after a sexually unadulterated life enlivened this book! In Beyond the Fairy Tale, young ladies will find out about the two essential necessities that set them up to live sexually immaculate. They’ll perceive how the excellence of God’s creation is reflected in them and in His plan for their sexuality. What’s more, they’ll be prepared to keep away from the critical results of sex separated from God’s arrangement. As opposed to a rundown of rules and regulations, this book helps young ladies see how and why God is for sex and delight… inside the sheltered and cherishing limit of marriage he composed. What our young ladies know and don’t think about sex will have an enduring effect in their lives-like the contrast amongst haziness and light. Every section incorporates reflection questions. Parent Guide and Leader Guide are accessible for download on the creator’s site, to assist reinforce correspondence with youth on the point of sex.

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