Finding the Hot Spots

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Finding the Hot SpotsFinding the Hot Spots

10 Strategies for Global Investing

by David Riedel


“David Riedel’s Finding the Hot Spots gives sharp bits of knowledge into the new reality of contributing with a worldwide point of view. Universally expanded speculation portfolios decrease hazard while upgrading returns, the same number of American-based individual and institutional financial specialists have found as of late. Riedel prevails with regards to giving straightforward, viable apparatuses and procedures.”

– J. Craig Chapman Managing Director, Long-Term Asset Management (HK) Limited

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“Finding the Hot Spots disentangles and demystifies universal contributing and makes non-U.S. markets appealing and available . . . an absolute necessity read for every individual financial specialist.”

– John D. Meserve Chairman, BNY Jaywalk, Inc.

“Anybody considering putting resources into developing markets ought to start by perusing David Riedel’s Finding the Hot Spots. This superb book discloses how to receive the rewards while maintaining a strategic distance from the dangers of putting resources into the world’s quickest developing economies. Having worked with David in Thailand amid the pinnacle of the Bangkok Bubble in the mid-1990s, I trust few individuals are more fit the bill to expound regarding this matter than he is.”

– Richard Duncan Author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures

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