Game for Seduction by Bella Andre

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Game for Seduction by Bella AndreGame for Seduction

by Bella Andre (Goodreads Author)

The little girl of an intense games specialist, Melissa McKnight has harbored desire filled dreams for Dominic DiMarco as far back as she was an ungainly adolescent, when the San Francisco Outlaws’ ravishing wide beneficiary turned into her dad’s hotshot customer. Presently Melissa’s a wonderful, tireless partner in her dad’s firm, and being around to-pass on for hard-bodies is all in a day’s work…until going head to head with Dominic at a photograph shoot catches off-guard her with enthusiasm.

Dominic has assembled an immaculate profession by being in control – on and off the field. Also, regardless of his extreme longing for Melissa, he’s not going to tempt his specialist’s little girl – until Melissa organizes a strategic maneuver to break free from her overbearing father and winds up at a tense bar on the wrong side of town. Dominic believes he’s protecting the pure Melissa he met years ago…but one night of sizzling energy uncovers a lady without any cutoff points – including a propensity for hot sex out in the open spots. On the off chance that anybody’s breaking every one of the guidelines of temptation, it’s provocative, overwhelming Melissa.

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In any case, Dominic has a mystery from years back – one that could demolish his sterling notoriety and bring Melissa alongside him. Will his awful kid past tie them nearer together? On the other hand will they bite the dust?

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