Get There Early

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Get There EarlyGet There Early

Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present

by Bob Johansen

Nowadays, every pioneer battles with a Catch 22: you can’t foresee the future, however you must have the capacity to comprehend it to flourish. In the age of the Internet, everybody comprehends what’s new, however to succeed you must have the capacity to deal with what’s essential, devise methodologies in light of your own perspective, and arrive in front of the crowd.Bob Johansen offers strategies the Institute for the Future has been refining for almost forty years to help pioneers explore what, obtaining a term from the Army War College, he calls the VUCA world: a world described by unpredictability, instability, many-sided quality, and equivocalness. As the foundation’s ten-year figure clarifies, pioneers now confront less issues with slick arrangements and more problems: repeating, mind boggling, muddled, and perplexing circumstances. Arrive Early lays out the organization’s three-stage Foresight to Insight to Action Cycle that will permit perusers to detect, comprehend, and win with problems. Johansen offers particular systems, running from narrating to reenactment gaming, and also genuine cases to help perusers turn the VUCA world on its head through innovative utilization of vision, comprehension, clarity, and readiness. This book offers seek after pioneers confronting the steady pressure—a problem in itself—between judging too early and choosing past the point of no return.

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