Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels

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Gnostic Gospels by Elaine PagelsThe Gnostic Gospels

by Elaine Pagels

As examined in The Da Vinci Code… Since quite a while ago covered and smothered, the Gnostic Gospels contain the mystery works credited to the adherents of Jesus.

In 1945 fifty-two papyrus writings, including accounts and other mystery archives, were discovered disguised in a stoneware jostle covered in the Egyptian betray. These supposed Gnostic works were Coptic interpretations from the first Greek dating from the season of the New Testament. The material they epitomized – sonnets, semi philosophical portrayals of the birthplaces of the universe, myths, enchantment and guidelines for spiritualist practice – were later announced sinful, as they offered a capable contrasting option to the Orthodox Christian convention.

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In a book that is as energizing as it is insightful, Elaine Pagels analyzes these writings and the inquiries they posture and shows why Gnosticism was in the end stamped out by the inexorably composed and standardized Orthodox Church.

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