How to Craft a Disruptive Hypothesis

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How to Craft a Disruptive HypothesisHow to Craft a Disruptive Hypothesis

Be Wrong at the Start to Be Right at the End

by Luke Williams

This Element is an extract from Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business (9780137025145) by Luke Williams. Accessible in print and computerized groups.

Where progressive developments start: How to make your own “preposterous incitement.”

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It begins with a wild question: In Hollywood, it may be, “What might happen if a shark swam into a resort and assaulted a swimmer?” Jaws. In video rentals, “What might happen on the off chance that we disposed generally expenses?” Netflix. These progressive developments started with a troublesome speculation, an insane approach to end the question, “I think about what might happen whether we… .”

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