Junk Food to Joy Food by Joy Bauer

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Junk Food to Joy Food by Joy BauerFrom Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat…Only Better

We as a whole need to look and can rest easy, however where’s the enjoyment in snacking on exhausting servings of mixed greens and forcing down steamed broccoli? It’s extreme adhering to an eating routine when you’re needing grill ribs, fettucine Alfredo, vegetable lo mein, and chocolate milkshakes. Be that as it may, smash hit creator and TODAY indicate nourishment master Joy Bauer is straight from her kitchen with news for you: You can have your cheesecake and eat it, as well!

In these splendid, beautiful pages, Joy offers how you can drop the calories in your most swelling top choices—without bargaining flavor. With a couple of basic traps, she changes a bacon cheeseburger from an incredible 1,100 calories to an insignificant 425 . . . what’s more, General Tso’s Chicken from a disturbing 1,000 to a thinning 260.

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From Boston cream pie to spaghetti and meatballs, mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt to Buffalo wings with rich bleu cheddar plunge, Joy takes the most wanton treats from fat to fit. Need to give a BLT some TLC? Happiness’ thought on this great solace nourishment could spare you 35,000 calories every year—with the possibility to drop 10 pounds!

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