How to Kill an Incubus by Kimber Lee

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How to Kill an Incubus by Kimber LeeHow to Kill an Incubus

by Kimber Lee (Goodreads Author)

Rae couldn’t precisely deny what Andrei, the ruler of the incubi, said so matter-of-factly. However, she is her dad’s girl and having a prohibited contact with a corruptly compelling evil spirit lord is not something her devil seeker father would have affirmed of.

With only one look from Andrei’s penetrating cerulean eyes, be that as it may, she wound up being dove into delightful obscure domains, and just half-minding whether she ought to sink or swim.

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Would it be a good idea for her to battle her unholy—yet quite tasty—appreciation for the dull master, or disregard the notices of her evil spirit seeker blood and simply offer into the indefinable luring delights he brings her?

In case you’re a fan hot lighthearted comedies with a dash of powerful like First Grave on the Right and Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter , then this beguiling story of an excellent cheeky private examiner and her enticing drop-dead exquisite evil presence ruler is for you!

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