The Lessons School Forgot

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The Lessons School ForgotThe Lessons School Forgot

How to Hack Your Way Through the Technology Revolution

by Steve Sammartino


The times of being bolted into a solitary vocation forever are a distant memory. It’s an ideal opportunity to rethink yourself, change your life and work the new economy for everything it’s worth.

With the mechanical age rapidly vanishing in the rearview reflect, The Lessons School Forgot is your guideline manual for hacking your brain and securing the abilities to take control of your life and fortunes in the computerized age.

In basic, direct terms, futurist and conceived business visionary Steve Sammartino, demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to:

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“unlearn” negative behavior patterns school showed you

find how to function the computerized economy

contribute just your time and procure a generous deep rooted return

change your life and cut out another way to autonomy.

Rousing, informative, subversive, and with an abundance of clever direction, The Lessons School Forgot will help you to break from a lifetime of legacy programming and take full preferred standpoint of the innovation insurgency.

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