Museums in a Global Context

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Museums in a Global ContextMuseums in a Global Context

National Identity, International Understanding

by Jennifer Dickey(ed.) ; Samir El Azhar(ed.) ; Catherine Lewis(ed.)

Historical centers mirror a country’s character, and in addition characterize it. Exhibition halls around the globe have been formed by globalization, and thusly have molded a worldwide open’s comprehension of neighborhood, local, or national character. Writers consider the governmental issues of historical center understanding in the worldwide setting, issues of social patrimony and legacy tourism, the dangers of intersection limits and outskirts to show questionable subjects, and systems for connecting with groups of onlookers and groups. Global contextual analyses from Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Niger, and Vietnam underscore the normal intentions and sensibilities, and additionally the difficulties, of the world’s historical centers in their endeavors to teach and move.

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