Rules of Contact

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Rules of ContactRules of Contact (Play by Play #12)

by Jaci Burton (Goodreads Author)

A cautious end for the San Francisco Sabers, Flynn Cassidy is accustomed to being in the spotlight—he simply hates it. Yet, in the event that getting before the cameras will help his new eatery succeed, he’s eager. Presently in the event that he could simply meet a lady who adored him and not his popularity…

After her separation, Amelia Lawrence is excited to begin once again as head gourmet specialist at Ninety-Two. It’s quite recently the open door she needs to warm up her profession—if just she wasn’t uncontrollably pulled in to her hot new supervisor. Their science may sizzle hot, yet Amelia has no aim of being scorched once more.

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Amelia is bona fide and fun and Flynn can’t get enough of her—and Amelia adores each second she goes through with the extreme however delicate Flynn. Be that as it may, trust is a hard battled fight for them two. Breaking the guidelines of contact and surrendering to their enthusiasm was simple, yet would they say they will hazard their hearts to win at the session of adoration?

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