Selfish by Shantel Tessier

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Selfish by Shantel TessierSelfish

by Shantel Tessier (Goodreads Author)


It should be a get-away. Five entire days on the shoreline with my closest companion before we made the move from Seattle to New York. I never anticipated that would meet a man who might roll out me improvement the way I saw love and sex. I’ve generally trusted you can have one without the other. In this way, when I snared with a one-night stand while in the midst of a furlough, I never anticipated that him would remain amidst my lodging room hours after the fact. Declaring to be my closest companion’s sibling.


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I’m hitched to my employment. I’m twenty-nine and help run a fortune 500 organization. I hadn’t seen my sister in four years, and I needed to shock her. What preferred route over on her get-away? What I wound up getting was a lady who knew precisely what she needed. What’s more, for that one night, I was it. I realized that I needed more. You don’t go through a night with somebody like her and let her leave that effortlessly.

It took me two seconds to choose I needed him for one night. It took me a day to comprehend that he was going to need more.

I’ve generally had the way to purchase anything I need. Too awful, she is precious.

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