The NOW Revolution

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The NOW RevolutionThe NOW Revolution

7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social

by Jay Baer; Amber Naslund

The social web has changed the way we work together until the end of time

The eventual fate of your organization is not in measured, considered reactions and deliberately arranged activities. Business today is about close quick reaction. About doing as well as can be expected with to a great degree restricted data. About each client being a columnist, and each journalist being a client. About winning and losing clients progressively, each second of consistently. About an amazing increment in the findable editorial about our organizations.

Having sufficient energy and data required to settle on a considered business choice is an extravagance – an extravagance that is rapidly confronting annihilation. However business hasn’t adjusted to this development. What’s more, adjust you should.

This book isn’t about how to “do” online networking. Rather, The Now Revolution diagrams how you should retool your association to make constant business work for you as opposed to against you. Perused around seven moves that will help you make your organization speedier, more intelligent, and more social:

Design a New Bedrock

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Discover Talent You Can Trust

Arrange your Armies

Answer the New Telephone

Underscore Response-Ability

Assemble a Fire Extinguisher

Make a Calculator

The Now Revolution is pushing you to adjust the way you work together, from the back to front. It impacts your association socially, operationally, and practically. This book is your manual for rolling out the improvements you require, and to outfitting the capability of this new correspondence time.

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