Until Ashlyn

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Until AshlynUntil Ashlyn (Until Her #3)

by Aurora Rose Reynolds (Goodreads Author)

Dillon Keck knew Ashlyn Mayson was plastered when she recommended they get hitched. He knew he ought to have taken her back to their inn room and put her to bed. Rather, he did what he had been desiring to do since the minute they met.

Guarantee her as his.

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Awakening wedded in Vegas isn’t something Ashlyn Mayson ever thought would happen to her. Having Dillon, her supervisor, a man she supposes is a dick, demand they remain wedded is ludicrous, however every time he touches her, she becomes mixed up in him and marvels if perhaps they are intended to be as one.

In any case, somebody isn’t cheerful for Dillon and Ashlyn and their recently discovered sentiment, and they’re willing to effectively keep them separated. Indeed, even confer kill.

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