Working Both Ways…West Point and Woodstock

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Working Both Ways...West Point and WoodstockWorking Both Ways…West Point and Woodstock

Authoritative Leadership and Democratic Decision Making

by Inder Sidhu

This Element is an extract from Doing Both: How Cisco Captures Today’s Profit and Drives Tomorrow’s Growth (9780137083640) by Inder Sidhu. Accessible in print and computerized groups.

Instructions to outdo both “summon and control” and “decentralized” authoritative structures — and stay away from the disadvantages of each.

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In order and-control models, control streams descending through a hierarchal pyramid of expert. These models give scale, replicability, and responsibility, however aren’t upgraded for speed or adaptability. Conversely, communitarian situations frequently cultivate inventiveness, and work quicker. In any case, they regularly neglect to execute definitively or measure advance precisely. Scale or speed? Replicability or adaptability? Imagine a scenario where you didn’t need to pick.

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