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People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do

by Studs Terkel


Maybe Studs Terkel’s best-known book, Working is a convincing take a gander at occupations and the general population who do them. Comprising of more than one hundred meetings with everybody from an undertaker to a studio head, from a policeman to a piano tuner, this book gives a persevering picture of individuals’ sentiments about their working lives.

“An effective, unique, indefinable and amazing book… Just a questioner of virtuoso, abusing the recording device as barely any other individual has done, could have delivered it.” — Lewis Mumford

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“A sublime book… a masterpiece. To peruse it is to hear America talking.” Boston Globe

“Marvelous… Imperative… Rich and captivating… The general population we meet are not digits in a survey but rather genuine individuals with genuine names who share their ancedotes, enterprises, and desires with us.” Business Week

“The discussion in Working is great talk- – gritty, energetic, legitimate, some of the time delicate, now and again fresh, succulent as reality, prepared with understanding.” Washington Post

“Nothing could tell our’s kids who and how and what we were the way Studs Terkel will. Is it conceivable the colossal American author is Terkel?” Murray Kempton

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