Xander by Anne Mercier

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Xander by Anne MercierXander

by Anne Mercier (Goodreads Author)

We met at eight years old. That day on the play area was a defining moment in my life.

Her life wasn’t simple. Mine was a cake walk.

She was a decent young lady. I was a troublemaker.

She was everything and without her I was nothing. I knew it the first occasion when I saw her, regardless I know it now.

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She needed me to experience my fantasies, and I needed the same for her.

After ten years, regardless we’re living separate lives—seeing each other when we can, which wasn’t regularly with her living in New York City and me in LA.

I know my way of life has never been one she can deal with—the fans, the media, there is no protection or peace—however I can’t be without her any longer.

I require her.

She’s the affection for my life and when I requesting that her come to me last Christmas, she said yes. I’ve been sitting tight for her, and now she’s here. My heart is at long last entirety.

In any case, not all things are about me. She’s surrendering her life there to union it with mine here. She’s surrendering her protection. She’s surrendering her obscurity. She’s giving me everything.

Will give her beginning and end of me consequently. Be that as it may, will our affection be sufficient? Will the positive qualities in our lives dominate the awful? On the other hand will every one of the obstructions we’ve so deliberately stayed away from break us totally?

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