Zombie Defense v11.9 hack

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Zombie Defense v11.9 hack information: Infinite cash.

Android. Language:EN, 4655 Download.

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Zombie Defense v11.9 hack


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  • – 46 missions.
  • – 4 trouble modes general, bad dream, 3 man challenge, TV challenge
  • – 22 sorts of enlisted people.
  • – 150 perpetual updates between every mission.
  • – 8 fundamental adversary sorts, from shambling animals, to creeping repulsions, to quick predators.
  • – 2 sorts of goliath mutant zombie managers for additional activity.
  • – Zombie winged creatures
  • – Decoys
  • – A firearm rack of weapons, from trusty .38s, to dangerous shotguns, to ultra-precise expert marksman rifles.
  • – High explosives to transform zombies into pink jam.
  • – Molotov mixed drinks to stop zombies with a bursting inferno.
  • – Heavy vehicles to pound each zombie in their way.
  • – Laser-actuated turrets.
  • – Devastating airstrikes.
  • – Tesla towers
  • – Supply conveyances.
  • – Real-time trooper overhauls, enrollment and exchanging.
  • – Infinite mode for bad-to-the-bone players who pine for perpetual energy.
  • – Special test modes.
  • – High replayability enables you to finish every mission and come back to it however you see fit, procure more cash and rise your score.
  • – Full 3D condition, roadways, towns and deserts.
  • – leaderboards
  • – Regular free updates with more missions and redesigns.

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